C3 exists on the market since 2005. We are well thriving company, which produces professional trailers for horse transporting and other parts from glass and carbonic composite. Our company belongs to the group of AVIONIC company, which has existed for 25 years. During this time C3 gained knowledge, which now is used in designing and building trailers. Nowadays main products of the company are trailers from Ramzess series, which are available in three options:

Our trailers are very attractive on domestic and foreign market.We cooperate with individual clients and companies. Our partner was the one of the leading companies on European market Westfalia Trailers System GmbH, for which we have made hundreds of trailers and replacement parts. For the goodness of our customers, we focus on providing them the most modern solutions, that are adjusted to their individual needs.
The goals for future are:

Producer: C3 Sp. z o.o.
ul.Stary Dwór 9
43-436 Górki Wielkie
tel./fax +48 33 853 90 89
Our representatives: Adam Chrapek
tel. +48 602 772 960